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Just in Time for Christmas – Holiday Matching Family Pajamas

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Update! (September 10, 2018)

Unfortunately, every year at this time just as interest in holiday matching family pajamas is starting to pick up, we have to tell you all that many of the merchants have not yet received their Christmas pajama stock. On the other hand, those that have (like PajamaMania) will run out quickly so our best recommendation is if you see something you like, buy it now. Over the next few days we are planning to re-organize this page so that the items currently in stock are featured first. As new items become available we will continue to update you and also try to keep you updated on special deals and promotions.  Be sure to check our sidebar for ongoing promo codes!

Again, every year we hound our merchant partners to stock their shelves early and feel like we are banging our head against a wall. (We need to give a special shoutout to PajamaMania! They heeded our advice this year and most of their stock is in!!!! AND they are offering our visitors 18% OFF site wide with code 18OFFPM) But please, keep checking back for updates!  We even have some new merchants with fabulous and fun jammies this year. We promise they will be up soon!

Christmas will be here before you know it, and it is time to start thinking about all the little details that will make your holiday both special and memorable.  Whether a family pitter pattering around the house in matching Christmas pjs is special, well that is unclear, but there is absolutely no doubt that the vision will be memorialized for eternity.  Please send us your family photos – they are sure to be too cute!

Family Matching Christmas Pajamas

Just in Time for Christmas – Holiday Matching Family Pajamas

Top 8 Trends in Holiday Matching Family Pajamas

  1. Christmas Striped Pajamas
  2. Animal Themed Pajamas (Think Deer, Polar Bears, Penguins, Pets and even Yetis)
  3. Classic Plaid Pajamas
  4. Santa and Elf Pajamas
  5. Cozy Holiday Onesies
  6. Christmas Tree, Snowman, and Snowflake Pajamas
  7. Character & Movie Themed Pajamas (Disney, Snoopy, Superhero, Dr. Seuss, and Star Wars)
  8. Summer Weight Holiday Pajamas for Folks Living or Vacationing in Warm Weather

FamilyHolidayPJs on Instagram

For all the latest trends follow us on Instagram to see our favorite matching holiday pajamas!

What we do …

We feature our favorite styles from our favorite merchants but be sure to check the sites directly their full selection: Hanna Andersson, PajamaMania, PatPatChasing Fireflies, Andersson, Macy's and The Company Store ,  GymboreeThe Gap, Lands End, Kohl's, JC Penney, Target, Walmart, and the many pjs sold on Amazon & Etsy including SleepytimePJs, Pajamagram, Sleepyheads, and Lazy One. And please, please let us know if we missed anyone. 

Just one more thing >> If you are interested in any of the custom personalized pajama sets, please, please order early. Some of the cut-off dates for orders are before Halloween! Don't say we didn't warn you!!

Shop for Pajamas by Holiday Theme

If you are one of those shoppers who pretty much know you want and do not need to look at everything and anything available before you decide, we have broken down this year's family matching Christmas pajamas by theme, too. Just click the image or the text to be taken to a page devoted to pjs that more or less fit that holiday theme.

Family Matching Summer Christmas PJs  Hanukkah Pajamas  Family Matching Woodland Animal Christmas Pajamas

Family Matching Holiday Onesie Pajamas  Family Matching Sports Team Christmas Pajamas  Family Matching Classic Christmas Pajamas

Family Matching Character Holiday Pajamas Family Matching Gnome Elf and Santa Christmas Pajamas  Family Matching Striped Christmas Pajamas

Pajama Holiday Cards  Family Matching Cheap Holiday Pajamas  Holiday Pajama Deals

SummerHanukkah | Woodland AnimalsOnesies | Sports Team | Classic | Characters | Gnomes, Elves & Santas | Striped | Holiday Cards | Cheap Christmas Pajamas | Holiday Pajama Deals

And finally, remember to order matching PJs for grandparents and dogs & dolls, too!

  Matching Family Holiday Nordic PJs  Snowflake Christmas Stripes Family Matching Pajamas

Family Matching Moose Fleece holiday Pajamas

More Family Matching Holiday Pajamas

PajamaMania Matching Family Holiday Pajamas

Update!   So a little background >> Sleepyheads and PajamaMania have the same ownership. For lots of reasons, the owners have decided they would rather us send our visitors to PajamaMania or Amazon than Sleepyheads. The prices are the same or better, the products are identical. Unfortunately, the PajamaMania site is a bit dated looking. (Having said that, PajamaMania is heeding our advice and everyday visit it we notice more improvements. The bottom line is  they truly are a legitimate, trustworthy site!)  

We go back and forth as to whether to send you to Amazon or to PajamaMania to buy so this year have decided to offer you both options. We will continue to feature a direct link from all images to PajamaMania  (remember you can use our exclusive 18% OFF site wide coupon code 18OFFPM + free shipping ) and will link the text to Amazon (if available there) for those of you who find it easier and more comfortable to buy on Amazon.  

  Family Matching Gnome Christmas Pajamas Family Matching Let it Snow Christmas Pajamas

Gnome PJs |  Let it Snow PJs

 Family Matching Christmas Snowflake Pajamas

Christmas Snowflake Pajamas 

  Bear Family Matching Pajama Set  Family Matching Red Striped Elf Christmas Pajamas

Bear Family Pajamas  |  Family Matching Red Striped Elf Christmas Pajamas

  Family Matching Family Time Christmas Pajamas  Family Matching Tree Delivery Christmas Pajamas

Family Time PJs | Tree Delivery PJs

Snowflake Christmas Stripes Family Matching Pajamas

Christmas Stripes PJs

   Family Matching Holly Jolly Christmas Lights Pajamas  Family Matching Fleece Red Plaid Onesie Footed Christmas Pajamas

Holly Jolly Christmas Lights PJsRed Plaid Onesie Footed PJs

Family Matching Knit Holiday Mix and Match Christmas Pajamas Collection

Family Matching Holiday Mix and Match Christmas Pajamas Collection

Hanna Andersson's Matching Family Pajamas

Update! We just received word that Hanna Andersson's holiday collection will officially launch on 9.24.18 and there will be a sneak peek of their most popular prints up on the site on 9.14.18. Keep checking back. We will post them here too!

YAY! Many of our all time favorite patterns are back for 2018. And remember they are all 20% OFF this weekend so buy them now while all sizes are available! (thru 9.16.18)

Family Matching Christmas Pajamas


Hanna Andersson Family Matching Holiday Pajamas

We love anything and everything Hanna Andersson. So soft. So cute! We would wager a guess that more than half of our family photos show the entire family wearing coordinating Hanna Andersson outfits. This year we are seriously thinking about mixing it up a bit and using superhero pajamas for our Christmas jammies – that way they can be worn all year long. Although the we still  classic! We will let you know what we decide!

Family Matching Superhero Christmas Pajamas

Hanna Andersson Matching Family Pajamas

And we are so so excited! #happyhannas are even available in a Hanukkah pattern this year!!!

Family Matching Hanukkah Pajamas

Family Matching Hanukkah Pajamas

More Matching Family Holiday Pajamas

 Christmas Lights Matching Family Pajamas  Navy Blue Dots and Stripes Matching Family Pajamas

Christmas LightsNavy Blue Dots and Stripes

Despicable Me Christmas Matching Family Pajamas

Minion Family Holiday Pajamas

Elk Christmas Matching Family Pajamas

Elk Christmas Matching Family Pajamas

Chasing Fireflies Holiday Pajamas are Here!

Yes, the first new Chasing Fireflies Family Matching Holiday Pajamas are here and they are cute! We love the idea of combining football & Christmas:) And this year we are noticing that Chasing Fireflies is featuring a slightly looser (more forgiving) fit in quite a few styles of their adult pajamas.

Matching Family Holiday Nordic PJs

Matching Family Holiday Nordic PJs

Personalized Festive Flannel Pjs

Personalized Festive Flannel Pj’s

Family Matching Plaid Knit Christmas Pajamas

Family Matching Plaid Knit Christmas Pajamas

Family Matching Personalized Jolly Elf on the Shelf Pajamas

We are loving this year's “jolly” version of Elf on the Shelf® Pj’s

And WOW >> check out these Personalized Advent Calendar Pj’s

Family Matching Advent Calendar Christmas Pajamas

Personalized Advent Calendar PJs

Family Matching Ugly Sweater Holiday Pajamas

Family Matching Ugly Sweater Holiday Pajamas

Family Mix and Matching Holiday Friends PJs

Family Mix & Matching Holiday Friends PJs

The I ♥️ My Family & I ♥️ Santa pajamas are back!

Family Matching Holiday Personalized I Heart Santa Pajamas

I Heart Pajamas

The Company Store's Holiday Pajamas

The Company Store has not yet released their 2018 family matching pajamas. When they do, we will let you know. There are still a few 2017 styles available.

Animal Themed Matching Family Pajamas

Animal Themed Matching Family Holiday Pajamas


PatPat is another new find! They have a great selection of matching outfits. Many of the styles are very similar to the ones carried by many of the name brands featured here plus they have some pretty amusing designs, too.

Mommy Daddy and Me Love Our Christmas Jammies.

Matching Family Holiday Pajamas

Light Weight Summer Christmas Pajamas

We have not forgotten our friends in the Southern Hemisphere and those of you living or traveling to warm weather climates for Christmas vacation.  Be sure to check out our latest post >>Summer Christmas Matching Pajamas! Below are just a few of the many light weight holiday pajamas available!

Light Weight Summer Christmas Pajamas

Light Weight Summer Christmas Pajamas

More Matching Family Holiday Pajamas

Family Matching Red & Black Plaid Bear Pajamas

Family Matching Red & Black Plaid Bear Pajamas

Family Matching Holiday Fleece Pajamas Christmas Tree Going Home

Christmas Tree Going Home PJ(Remember to use code 18OFFPM to save 18% OFF everything on PajamaMania)

 Snowfall Plaid Matching Family Pajama Set

Snowfall Plaid Pajama Set

 Family Matching Red and Green Holiday Stripe Pajamas  Karen Neuburger Family Minky Fleece Snowman Holiday Matching Pj Set

Family Matching Red and Green Holiday Stripe Pajamas |  Minky Fleece Snowman PJs

    Family Matching Holiday Red Stretch Pajamas      Family Matching Moose Fair Isle Pajamas

Red Stretch Pajamas |  Moose Fair Isle Pajamas

Family Matching No Peeking Flapjacks

No Peeking Flapjacks

Bear Bum Flapjack Family Matching Pajamas

Bear Bum Flapjack Family Matching Pajamas

Matching Family Holiday Pajamas on Etsy

Family Matching Christmas Monogrammed Pajama Sets

Personalized Christmas Pajamas

Personalized Christmas Pajamas

 Candy Cane Fleece Matching Family Pajamas Chill Out Family Matching Pajamas

NEW! Candy Cane Fleece Matching Family PajamasChill Out Family Matching Pajamas

Charlie Brown Family Matching Christmas Pajamas   Classic Holiday Nordic Family Matching Pajamas

Charlie Brown Family Matching Christmas Pajamas | Classic Holiday Nordic Family Matching Pajamas

Personalized Family Matching Holiday Pajama Sets

Personalized Family Matching Holiday Pajama Sets  | Also available with Christmas Tree Design!

 Red Cotton Flannel Matching Family Christmas Pajamas     Green Tartan Plaid Flannel Matching Family Pajamas

Red Cotton Flannel | Green Tartan Plaid Flannel

Blackwatch Christmas Pajamas and Nightgowns for the Entire Family

Blackwatch Christmas Pajamas & Nightgowns for the Entire Family

Family Onesies

Many of these onesies are also available on PajamaMania .

 Family Matching Holiday Polar Bear Fleece Onesies   Family Matching Holiday Red Plaid Fleece Onesies

Polar Bear Fleece Onesies | Red Plaid Fleece Onesies

 Family Matching Grey Snowflake Footed Onesie PJs Family Matching Red Snowflake Footed Onesie PJs

Grey Snowflake Footed Onesie PJs | Red Snowflake Footed Onesie PJs

   Hoodie-Footie Winter Whimsy Matching Family Pajama Set  Cranberry Red Deer Family Matching Holiday Pajamas

Hoodie-Footie Winter Whimsy | Cranberry Red Deer Holiday Pajamas

Family Matching Holiday Penguin Fleece Onesie Footed PJs

Penguin Fleece Onesie Footed PJs

Although not an exact match these great personalized onesies for mom & dad coordinate perfectly with most children's pjs. Here we have paired them with Carter's microfleece footed sleepwear.

Footed Christmas Pajamas

Adult Footed Christmas PajamasKids Microfleece Footed Sleeper Pajamas

 Red Footed Family Matching Fleece Pajamas

Red Footed Fleece Pajamas

Blue Snowflake Fleece Onesie Family PJs

Blue Snowflake Fleece Onesie PJs

Sports Team Holiday Pajamas

We won’t regale you with all the available footed sports team pajamas, but here are a few of the most populars teams that actually have matching pjs for mommydaddy & me!

Sports Team Family Matching Holiday Pajamas

More Elf & Santa & Iconic Winter Pajamas 

Family of Elves Matching Family Christmas Pajamas     Santa Elves Matching Family Short Sleeve Pajamas

Family of Elves | Santa's Elves

Adult Santa Onesie Pajamas  Santa Suit Matching Pajamas for the Whole Family

Santa Onesie PajamasSanta Pajamas for the Whole Family

I Love Santa Family Matching Christmas Pajamas

I Love Santa Family Matching Christmas Pajamas

My Family Rocks Matching Family Pajamas       Moose Tangles in Christmas Lights Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

My Family Rocks | Moose Tangles in Christmas Lights

Family Matching Winter Penguin Fleece Holiday Pajamas

Family Matching Winter Penguin Fleece Holiday Pajamas (don't forget to take advantage of our 18OFFPM promo code)

Love Your Family Penguin Matching Family Christmas Pajamas   A Very Merry Snowman Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

Penguin Love | A Very Merry Snowman

Love Your Family Winter Snowflake Matching Family Pajamas       Blue Snowflake Fleece Matching Family Pajamas

Love Your Family Winter Snowflake | Blue Snowflake Fleece

Nativity Scene Matching Family Pajamas  Gingerbread Christmas Family Clothing

Nativity Scene Matching Family Pajamas  |  Gingerbread Christmas Family Clothing

Reindeer & Woodland Animals Pajamas

Love these reindeer jammies one of our visitors put together! #toocute

Matching Family Reindeer Christmas Pajamas

Adult Reindeer Costume | Boys Reindeer Costume | Children's Reindeer Onesie | Infant Reindeer Costume

Superhero & Character Pajamas

Superhero Matching Family Pajamas

Superhero Matching Family Pajamas – Such a cute alternative to classic Christmas pajamas!

 Mickey and Minnie Mouse Christmas Holiday Family Matching Pajamas    Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Matching Christmas Pajamas

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Christmas Pajamas | Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer PJs

  Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Matching Family Pajamas   Snoopy & Woodstock Matching Family Pajamas

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Holiday PJs |  Snoopy & Woodstock

Sara's Prints & Leveret Pajamas

We are so excited >> we just discovered that Sara's Prints, our personal “go to” pajamas when our kids were little, actually has a large selection of matching mommy & me Christmas sleepwear. Mix and match patterns or choose a single pattern for the whole family to wear!

Sara's Prints Mommy & Me Matching Christmas Sleepwear

Sara's Prints Christmas Sleepwear (most are available on Amazon Prime with free 2 day shipping)

Christmas PJs

Leveret Christmas PJs

Custom & Personalized Holiday Pajamas

Custom Appliquéd Christmas Pajamas for the family

Custom Appliqued Christmas Pajamas for the Family

Family Matching Christmas Pajamas

Family Matching Christmas Pajamas

Discounted & Less Expensive Holiday Pajamas

We are listening and some of you are asking for lower priced holiday pajamas. Not surprisingly, we checked Walmart and although they do not have many exactly matching family pajamas, we do think you can create the look if you mix and match various styles and designs, so long as you stick with red as the unifying color.  Here are just a few of the many red holiday pajamas available at Walmart and Target

 Cheap Christmas Pajamas

Walmart Holiday Pajamas

Target Family Matching Christmas Pajamas

Target Family Matching Christmas Pajamas


JC Penney's Family Holiday PajamasFamily Matching Holiday Pajamas JCPenney

JC Penney's Family Holiday Pajamas

Kohl's Family Holiday Pajamas

Kohl's Matching Family Holiday Pajamas

Hanukkah Pajamas


Matching Family Hanukkah Pajamas

Matching Family Hanukkah Pajamas

Loving these navy blue striped matching family pajamas from Hanna Andersson – oh so soft!

Striped Navy Blue Family Matching Hanukkah Pajamas

Striped Navy Blue Family Matching Hanukkah Pajamas

Inspiration – Celebrity Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

Celebrities Wearing Matching Christmas Pajamas, Dax Shephard & Kristen Bell, Rebecca Romijn & Jerry O"Connell Family

Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell & Their Dogs Wearing Matching Hanna Andersson Striped Christmas Pajamas (Photo Courtesy of USWeekly) Rebecca Romijn & Jerry O'Connell with their twin daughters, Charlie & Dolly, and their 3 dogs and 2 cats wearing mint green matching Let it Snow Christmas Pajamas.

*Be sure to check out this Viral Christmas Card Featuring Matching Family Christmas Pajamas!

One last thought, buy them early and take your annual holiday photo card in your pajamas.  Kitsch – yes! Cute – absolutely!

Make it Match!

If you have managed to get all the way to the bottom of this post, you have earned a giggle! Oops >> looks like someone forgot to order pajamas for dad 🙂 #AwkwardFamilyPhotos

Awkward Family Photos Matching Family Pajamas


Just in Time for Christmas – Holiday Matching Family Pajamas momme

Summary: Matching family Christmas pajamas for mom, dad, and kids of all ages. Put them on Christmas Eve and open presents in them the next morning. We promise, you will treasure the pictures forever. They will also make great holiday photo cards!


Too cute!

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